Sunday, April 15, 2012

Biking - Warmup for a bigger ride tomorrow

With other commitments for the afternoon, and a pleasant morning near 60F, I took advantage of the time window to get out for a short 21-mile ride in the hills of Guilderland and Rotterdam.  Tomorrow, a few of us are doing a tougher ride, 35-40 miles and nearly 2,000 feet of total climbing, and since I hadn't been riding much, it seemed like it might be about time to get back on the bike.  I returned to my old friend Grant Hill Road to get in a short climb, and came home through French's Hollow, which I hadn't visited yet this year.  I took it easy on this ride, but wanted to test the legs and get loose for tomorrow's climbing.  Near 90 and windy later tomorrow, so we'll be getting a morning start to beat the worst of it.

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