Thursday, April 12, 2012

Biking - A great idea foiled by weird weather

I had planned to try to get in a long-ish bike ride today, with sunny skies and light winds in the forecast.  I was going to ride from Schenectady to Fort Hunter, stopping at Karen's Produce and Ice Cream for lunch.  That ride involves about 20 miles northwest to Tribe's Hill on NY-5, across the Mohawk River at Lock 12, and heading just a little west over the Schoharie Creek to Karen's.  Then I return to Schenectady on the Erie Canal Bikeway on the other side of the river, for about 45 flat miles total.

I soon discovered that the winds were not as "light" as forecast, and it would have been 20 miles into a direct headwind from Schenectady to Tribe's Hill.  Reaching Lock 9 and NY-103, I decided I was NOT having fun, and didn't have to do this.  The winds wimped me out, and I crossed the river there and headed back to Schenectady, for only about 16 miles total.  But I was soon vindicated.  The skies had clouded up, and there were showers visible in the distance.  By the time I got home and into the house, it was raining.  And it's spritzed off and on all afternoon since then.  I would have been wet several times had I continued, so it all worked out for the best.  Another time...

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