Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Biking - Uphill and against the wind, but not both ways

Today some friends and I got out for another long-ish ride north of Schenectady.  The  plan was to get a fairly late 10:30 start at the Glenville Park & Ride because of cool morning temperatures, and arrive at the corner market in Galway in time for lunch.

Winds were light, but from the north, and since we did this loop CCW, they were headwinds at the same time that we were climbing up out of the valley. This overall uphill continued all the way to Galway at 18 miles, just before the high point on the profile above.  We were ready for lunch as we arrived at the store not long after hearing the noon whistle somewhere in the distance.  This store has a deli that makes very good (big!) sandwiches, and there's a small park across the street with picnic tables, so it makes an excellent lunch stop.

After lunch, there was another climb almost immediately to the highest point of the ride, and we were glad it came after we'd refueled.  Southbound soon thereafter, the wind was no longer a factor, and we made good time back down to river-level and NY-5, which gave us a fairly flat ride back to the cars.  But that was only 36 miles, and the majority wanted to hit 40.  So we crossed the river and rode casually out to the Rotterdam Junction dead end of the bike path and back to the cars.  That gave us 42+ miles that had included goats, llamas, horses, cows, ducks, geese, and some very nice country roads.

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