Monday, April 16, 2012

Biking - A change of plans that worked out for the best

Some friends and I had planned a 35-40 mile ride today, with lots of climbing, and we were going to try to get it in before the 90-degree temperatures and gusty winds arrived this afternoon.  But one of us showed up at the wrong meeting place, and had arrived there by bicycle, so it wasn't practical timewise to wait for him to come to us.  Instead, we went to him by car, and did a different ride, a loop along the Mohawk River between Rexford and Waterford/Cohoes.

It turned out to be a good choice, with a little over half the climbing of the original idea.  We still got in 35 miles, but made several refreshment stops, including one for ice cream, that wouldn't have been possible on the other route.  It did get warm and breezy as the day progressed, but it was a comfortable morning for riding.  The temperature hit 91 this afternoon, a new record, and another record for the earliest 90-degree day here.  Cooler temperatures return tomorrow, and maybe we'll give that other ride a try later in the week.

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