Thursday, April 19, 2012

Disc golf and yet more spring wildflowers

After a fairly challenging bike ride yesterday, I chose to take it easy today.  First, I got out for a morning round of disc golf, and I was definitely on my game.  Finished the front nine -2 with 3 birdies, and moved on to the back nine.  With three holes to play, I was still even par, but couldn't keep it going, finishing with 2 bogies out of 3.  Still, I finished with a 59 (par 57), my second best ever, best front nine, and only the second time under 60.  Passed on a second round because of some congestion at the first tee when I finished on 18.

This afternoon, I headed back to the Schenectady Museum Preserve (Mohawk River State Park), to see if the fields of trout lily were in bloom yet.  And they absolutely were, in the moister bottomlands along the creek.

Trout lily
Despite the dry conditions, many other flowers were now blooming.  I'll just post them all here for your enjoyment.  Help appreciated where noted.

A purple violet.  Just don't ask me which one.
Wood strawberry, I think

Thought I knew it, and probably do, but even looking it up didn't help.  4-6" high
Tiny 5-petaled flowers, 1/4" across.  Anybody know it?
Some fiddleheads unfurling
Smooth yellow violet (I think)

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