Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Disc golf - Two very different rounds

Today's weather turned out better than forecast, though still breezy, and since I'd promised to help Holly with some stuff in the afternoon, I got out this morning for a couple of rounds of disc golf.  The first round was a fairly good 30-34-64, so I was looking forward to an even better second round.  But then I got greedy, and started trying to make some longer "putts" that would have better been safely done in two shots, and which often resulted in taking 3 to hole out.  On one hole, I went back and forth across the basket several times and took a whopping 8 (par 3).  At least I settled down on the back nine and salvaged a sub-80 score, though it was close with a 43-33-76.  That 43 may have been my worst nine ever.  Must have been the crazy winds.

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