Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hiking - Hennig Preserve

Today, I joined a group of friends on a tour of some new trails in the Hennig Preserve, a property of Saratoga P.L.A.N. in the town of Providence north of the Capital District.  The elevation here varies between 1200 and 1600+ feet, and the land is heavily forested with a mix of hardwoods and softwoods.  Friends Walt, Norm, and Jackie have volunteered a lot of time here improving existing trails and creating some new ones.  Joining us today was one of the land's donors, Barbara Hennig, who was able to provide a lot of the history of the parcel.  We walked about 4.4 miles altogether, turning around at Round Pond near the eastern end of the preserve. 

Round Pond.  The open water is another 500 feet through this bog.
It's a nice place for a quiet walk, and seems much farther from home and the suburbs than it really is.  It would be an especially nice place to ski in a winter that we actually get any snow, particularly because of its elevation and proximity.  We'll have to keep this one in mind for a return visit.

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