Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hiking - Watch Hill, Indian Lake, NY

(INDIAN LAKE, NY) Camp week continues. Yesterday's guests, Bill and Nancy, had breakfast with us, after Nancy and Holly got out for an early paddle on Adirondack Lake. With our next guests, Dave and Theresa, expected around 10am, Holly went for a short walk with Bill and Nancy while I waited for Dave and Theresa to arrive. When they got here, we headed off for a short walk of our own, to nearby Bullhead Pond. We arrived back at camp just as Holly was climbing out of the lake, having just arrived home herself. Bill and Nancy had left for home straight from their pond walk, and a new day had begun.

After lunch, with the threat of showers later, we went for a bit longer hike up nearby Watch Hill, off NY30 near Snowy Mountain. The weather had turned much more warm and humid than we'd expected, and it was a fairly soggy hike, but with nice views of Snowy through the murky haze.

Back at camp, with no rain yet in sight, we paddled up Adirondack Lake against the increasing wind, then sailed back to camp with a nice tailwind. After a pleasant dinner of BBQ chicken, the first drops began to fall, and we moved inside for dessert. Another nice day with friends in the Adirondacks.

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