Thursday, August 11, 2011

Disc golf and biking - A taste of fall in the air

After several weeks of warm and fairly steamy air, today dawned fresh and cool, a welcome change. With an SWC bike ride on the calendar for this evening, I didn't feel the need for another huge training effort this morning. The weather for Sunday's Ididaride is looking pretty iffy right now anyway. So I got in a round of disc golf in Central Park, ran some errands, and mowed the lawn instead. The disc golf round wasn't spectacular, but was a top-10 score when all was said and done, and it was good to get out again after not playing for a couple of weeks.

This afternoon, after making several minor tweaks to the bike (shift indexing was off by a bit), I went out for a short 14-mile ride to test my adjustments, and also just to keep the legs in some sort of active state between now and Sunday. It was a windy afternoon, and I'd be riding again later, so this short ride served both of these purposes pretty well.

Tonight's SWC ride was in Amsterdam and West Glenville. It was a very nice 14.6-mile somewhat hilly route, and very enjoyable, mostly on roads I'd never biked on before. Beer and pizza afterwards completed the day.

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