Friday, August 5, 2011

Hiking - Castle Rock, Blue Mountain Lake, NY

(INDIAN LAKE, NY) Today, we were expecting friends Nancy and Bill around 3:00 pm, so we opted for another short morning hike. Castle Rock overlooks Blue Mountain Lake and its many islands, and is only a short distance from where we're staying. It's about a 3-mile loop, with great views for the effort.

We went up via the main yellow trail, with lots of unnecessary ups and downs along the way. That being the case, we returned via the back door on the north slopes, and then out via the red Sargent Ponds trail. This was a much easier route, despite the need for some maintenance. We were back to the camp in time for lunch, and then learned that Nancy and Bill would be delayed a few hours. So, Holly's out paddling, and I'm spending a lazy afternoon with a good book, and maybe even a nap.

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