Thursday, August 18, 2011

Disc golf, yard work, and biking - another sticky day

With showers forecast for the afternoon, I considered playing real golf early today. But somehow disc golf had more appeal, so I headed over to Central Park to play a round or two.

The first 18 was pretty poor, as trees kept jumping out all over the place and getting in the way. After I finished, I noticed that nobody else was out on the course yet, so I played another 18. This is why I like playing early in the morning - no tripping over other players or groups of players. The second 18 turned out much better, only one shot off my best. My feet were wet from the dewy grass, and I was dripping from the humidity, but it was a good outing.

When I got home, I dried out and then sacrificed another t-shirt by mowing the lawn, dried out once again and had lunch. Then an afternoon of reading brought me to tonight's SWC Thursday night bike ride, in Clifton Park.

It's always such a pleasure to drive up there from Schenectady in evening rush hour (NOT!), but this was the second-to-last ride of the season, so I went anyway. I chose the 18-mile route, but as the evening progressed and the sun got lower, I took a shortcut to get back before it was too dark, on some fairly trafficky roads. I got a little over 17 miles in, downed a couple of beers and some pizza, thanked our host, and headed home.

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