Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Biking - 40 miles before the rain

There's no place like home. Especially when I need to get back on the bike and get prepared for this weekend's Ididaride. My main concern is mileage at this point, and less so the hilliness of the ride. I wanted to get in some 40-50 mile rides this week, weather permitting, and then rest a couple of days before Sunday's event. I passed up a shorter ride with friends today, and went it alone, wanting to stick to my plan and my own riding style. I repeated a ride I did last week, 40 miles including Grant Hill, for a total of 1,268 feet of climbing.

The climb was uneventful, and at 17 miles, I stopped at Indian Ladder Farms for a monstrous apple fritter and a large glass of cider. That kept me going, and I felt pretty good when I finished, even still having a bit of a kick. Sunday's ride is almost twice as long, and much hillier, but if I can just pace myself and eat well, this may just work out OK.

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