Friday, August 19, 2011

Hiking - Tenant Creek Falls

This afternoon, we were the guests of our friends Bob and Carol, at their camp on Great Sacandaga Lake. Sometimes when they invite us up, we go sailing on the lake. But today, there was very little wind, and thunderstorms were popping up all over, so we opted for a short hike instead. In fact, just as we pulled into their driveway, there was an enormous clap of thunder, setting the tone for the afternoon.

Tenant Creek Falls is a short hike from the Wilcox Lake trailhead, north of Northville, NY. An unmarked path leaves the main trail and continues upstream along Tenant Creek to the first falls.

There are two more waterfalls further upstream another mile or two, but with the uncertain weather, we decided to skip them for today. Instead, we headed back to the camp for an early happy hour followed by a delicious dinner. There was no more rain, and a nice cool breeze came up, making for a very pleasant evening.

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