Friday, August 26, 2011

Golf - Hillcrest Golf Course

It's exactly a month to the day since the last time I swung a golf club, so I wasn't expecting any miracles as I headed off to Hillcrest this morning. My brother Walt had suggested I try a set of clubs he had in his basement, his old set that he has since replaced. Even so, they're at least 15-20 years more modern than the ones I've been using. So today was the day.

The course was wet and even had some puddles after yesterday's heavy downpours. The greens were wet, unmowed, and slow. None of this was responsible for the miserable score I posted, but at least the last few holes were better than the earlier ones. There's an old saying that "a round of golf is a nice walk ruined", and that was the case today. It's a tough game to play well consistently without playing regularly, and that just hasn't been the case this summer. Still, it was good to get out and try, and I suspect there will be many more rounds to come in the fall months ahead.

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