Wednesday, February 22, 2012

XC Skiing - Lapland Lake XC Ski Center

54 degrees today, another fine spring February day. The ground is bare around here, but the southern Adirondacks got a *little* snow overnight, a couple of inches. So after several days of fighting a nasty stomach bug, I won that battle today, and Holly and I got out for some skiing.

Lapland Lake isn't our favorite place to ski, but with backcountry conditions nearby only marginal, the groomed trails of a ski center seemed like the best choice. And Lapland Lake's conditions sounded like the best of the nearby alternatives. So off we went.

Conditions weren't bad, all things considered. The trails were groomed, the snow was soft and fairly slow, and the temperature was hovering near 40 in bright sunshine. Spring skiing in February. There were a few thin and slushy spots that really need some snow soon, but it was the best we could have hoped for in this wacky winter.

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