Monday, February 27, 2012

Biking - The 100-mile February

Wow - big deal, 100 miles. In season, I bike that many miles almost every week. But this is February, and it's not supposed to be this way! I've now had more biking days in February than I've had local XC skiing days all winter. And that includes 2 not-so-local trips to Lapland Lake!

Today, I rode from Blatnick Park in Niskayuna to I-87 and back, with a headwind both ways on the bike path along the river. I swear it flipped around at the same instant that I turned around to head back. That's now 7 February biking days and 100.2 miles, a good start to the season.

Looks like March may have a few surprises to throw at us, based on a couple of tentative long-range forecasts I've seen, including some fairly definite snow here this week. Unfortunately, this storm will likely end as rain and render the new snow somewhat less than useful. We'll just have to continue to be flexible, and find ways to enjoy winter with or without snow.

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