Monday, February 13, 2012

Biking - A windy day on the bike path

After a cold day yesterday and a dusting of snow overnight, today promised to reach the upper 30s again with some sunshine. There was no excuse not to get outside and do something, except maybe the wind. I was not inspired by the thought of biking on the trainer, and have been walking quite a bit over the past few days. So despite the strong west winds, I biked west on the bike path along the Mohawk River. The 7 miles westbound was fairly slow into the strong winds, but I was dressed for it and was never cold. The 7-mile return trip was quite a bit faster and easier, especially sitting upright on this old mountain bike and catching a good tailwind.

Still no substantial snow in the forecast, so we're still stuck at fewer than 14 inches so far this season, one of the least snowy winters here ever.

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