Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Disc golf - Schenectady Central Park

It's been a while since I tried playing a round of disc golf, and the last time I tried, the course was so icy that I gave up after one hole. Before that, the last time I played was over a month ago. So I had no illusions about the sorts of scores I could expect when I headed over to Central Park this afternoon.

The ice was mostly gone, and not too surprisingly, I was the only one on the course. The first round started out with a birdie on the first hole, which was pretty unusual. Then, on the long par 4 fourth hole, I dropped a long swooping 100-footer into the basket for another birdie. Longest shot I've ever made. How can this be happening? I finished that round with a 64, only two off my previous best. That called for another round.

I finished the front nine of the second round at even par 28, another personal best. But there was still the back nine to come, and I couldn't possibly match the 3 birdies I had there on the previous round. I only got one this time, but still tied the previous back nine total, and finished with an all-time best 61, and my best one-day two-round total ever.

Crazy stuff and really fun. Since there's no snow, I'm going to start doing this more regularly again.

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