Thursday, February 23, 2012

Biking - Winds of change?

Today was expected to be once again in the upper 40s, and I was hoping to get out for another short ride. Then it got very windy. I could either use that as a convenient excuse to stay home, or just get out and do it. I've certainly biked in worse - you just gear down and grind it out. So I chose to head west first, into the wind, and then sail back to the car (duh).

Westbound from SCCC wasn't as bad as expected along the river, and the wind was interrupted often enough to make for a pleasant ride. As planned, the trip back was even better.

We may get some snow overnight, but not enough locally to really reinvigorate this bust of a winter. The Adirondacks may get a good dump, and maybe the Greens in Vermont, but nothing especially nearby. At this point, I'm losing interest, and would just as happily welcome spring. There - now I've done it. Let the blizzards begin.

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