Thursday, July 12, 2012

Biking - Thursday evening SWC beer and pizza ride

Tonight's SWC bike ride started on Crane's Hollow Road, east of Amsterdam and up a big hill from NY-5.  Thankfully, we mostly stayed atop the hill, although we did enjoy some nice ups and downs, for a total of 18.3 miles and 1,160 feet of climbing, the steepest of which only hit 5.3%.

After watching the last two Tour de France stages in the Alps, this seemed like a wimpy ride indeed.  But it was all about the beer and pizza and socializing afterwards, so it was all good.  I took it easy on this ride, pretending it was a 50-miler and pacing myself accordingly, not pushing up the hills and hammering home like last week.  Need to start riding more like this - it's much more relaxing and enjoyable.

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