Thursday, July 5, 2012

Biking, disc golf, and more biking

Got a little behind here again, so...

Yesterday, I joined Holly's Wed/Fri biking group for a relaxed social ride of just 15 miles, with an ice cream stop at Karen's in Fort Hunter in the middle.  It was going to be another hot afternoon, so a short easy outing in the morning was just the right thing.

This morning, again before the afternoon heat, I got in two rounds of disc golf, throwing a +6 and a +7, both slightly better than average.  The better front nine with the better back nine would have been only +2, so a pretty good morning.

Tonight was our weekly beer and pizza ride with the Schenectady Wintersports Club, the so-called "eating club with a biking disorder".  The ride tonight was up in the hills east of Saratoga Lake, an 18-mile roller coaster affair with about 1,000 feet of total climbing.

As usual on these rides, the testosterone kicked in, and away we went, much faster than I usually like to ride.  For that short distance, it's kinda fun, but normally I'd pace myself much better for longer distances.  But, oh, that first beer is always heavenly after a ride like this.

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