Friday, July 20, 2012

Biking - SWC Thursday night beer/pizza ride

Last night, Holly and I drove to Delmar for the weekly SWC ride.  The route choices were 12,19, or 22 miles, and amazingly, everybody, including the usual animals, chose the short 12-mile option.  We all set off together, and then our host, Dorie, had a flat a very short distance from the start.  Several of us stopped to try to help while others continued on.  When we decided her tire could not be repaired, Dorie and a friend started walking back to her house and our group of 7 that had stopped continued on.  By now, the original group of 18-20 was scattered all over the route, and we never saw the rest of them again until a mile or two from the end.

It was an easy relaxed ride through residential areas and on country roads, and our group stuck together to be sure nobody missed any of the numerous turns.  The skies threatened near the end, but delivered only a cooling breeze as we settled in for the usual beer, pizza, and socializing.

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