Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Biking - 50 big ones on the hottest day of the year

Wow!  Glad we got out and finished up riding when we did!  2:30pm temperature at home.

A couple of friends and I had decided to get out for a long-ish ride today.  This was before the forecast for humid temperatures in the mid to upper 90s for the afternoon.  So we got an early start, beginning at 7:30am, drank prodigious amounts of fluids all day, stopped several times along the way, and got in our 50 miles by about 12:15pm.  By then it was already 92, and the ice cream stop at an air-conditioned Stewart's Shop near the finish made us very glad we were almost done.

Our route and elevation profile
We followed the former route of the Mohawk-Hudson Cycling Club's half-century (50 miles) ride.  It's no longer used for that purpose, but it's still one of our favorite rides, and we do it at least once every year.  The climbs are mostly short and not steep, but still add up to about 2,200 feet overall.

I had no cramping issues in today's heat, but another 10 miles may have taken me there, as I was getting the first faint hints of potential trouble by the time we finished.  I drank lots of OJ today, and the potassium fix seemed to do the trick.  And if it worked on a day like this, that's good news indeed.

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