Sunday, April 3, 2011

Biking - What a difference a wind makes!

"Breezy". Right. Sunny and in the 50s, so I got out for a ride, despite the "breeze". I headed northwest from Schenectady on the Mohawk-Hudson Bike Trail, as far as Lock 9, then crossed the Mohawk River and returned southeast on NY5.

On the outbound leg, it was a dead-on northwest headwind, gusting over 35 mph. It was a struggle to maintain 10-11 mph forward progress, riding in the drops. At least it was all relatively flat. But once I crossed the river and reversed direction, 18-20+ mph was almost effortless all the way back to the start. Still taking baby steps after a long winter, and the legs have a long way to go. Maybe someday the warmer weather will arrive.

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