Saturday, April 9, 2011

Biking - Schenectady/Amsterdam Loop

Today, we finally hit 60 degrees, with lots of sun, a perfect day for a ride. I wanted a slightly longer ride today than I've been doing so far this season, so opted for a generally flat loop along the Mohawk River, crossing over in Amsterdam and returning to Schenectady. It's about 32 total miles with very little climbing.

The Mohawk River Bikeway was pretty crowded with mostly walkers on this beautiful day, but then I hit NY-5S and left them all behind. There was a little more of a headwind than I expected, but not as bad as some earlier days this year. After making the turn and starting back on NY-5 on the north side of the river, I saw another cyclist ahead of me at some distance. The legs wanted to go, so they did, and I caught him, passed, and left him far behind. I've never been a racer in any sense of the word, so it must be just a guy thing, but it felt good. I kept up a pretty good pace, and the legs felt strong. Time for some climbing and a longer ride...

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