Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Biking - Back in the saddle again

After a long cold spell, today was much more springlike, and also less windy. After a little yard work, I got out the touring bike that took me across country last summer, and which I'd overhauled completely over the winter. It was time to take it out for a ride.

I decided on a very casual relaxed spin on the Mohawk Hudson Bike Trail, in Niskayuna and Colonie. I usually ride the Rotterdam section, but I wasn't sure if it was free of snow and ice yet. I parked at Lock 7, and rode east almost to the Northway, where I ran into a long patch of snow and ice and turned around. Back at Lock 7, the way west is always shaded, and was still quite a mess. So I called it a day just short of 12 miles, happy with the way the bike performed, quiet and smooth. I'm looking forward to the day when spring REALLY arrives, once we get past this next forecast storm on Friday, and I can get out for some longer rides.

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