Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hiking - Deer Leap

OK, so I said I was done with winter. Unfortunately, winter is not done with me, with more snow coming tomorrow. No sense whining about it, so today, Holly and I got out for a short hike to Deer Leap, a spur trail off of the main Tongue Mountain Range trail above Lake George. It's about 1.75 miles each way, with some moderate up and down, to an overlook with views up and down the lake.

Though there was still 1.5 feet of snow, the trail was well-packed, and the temperature was in the upper 30s, so this was a pleasant stroll. Along the way, we saw lots of animal tracks that I'd never seen before. My best guess is that they were from a fisher, known to live in these mountains. If anyone can confirm or deny, I'd appreciate it. Each print was about 1.5-2" across, and the width of the track was 5-6". At one point the tracks disappeared into either a hollow log or tunnel under the snow.

Arriving at the end of the trail at Deer Leap, we had a fine view out over Lake George. The windblown snow on the ice had made some very interesting patterns.

Across the lake, we could see the mountains on the lake's eastern shore, including Sugarloaf and Black Mountains.

The walk back to the car had almost as much climbing as the walk in to Deer Leap, but we just took our time and enjoyed the day.

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