Saturday, March 5, 2011

Walk - Lisha Kill Natural Area

This morning was warm and windy, with rain coming in later, and lots of rain tomorrow. So I decided to get in a walk while I could. The Lisha Kill Natural Area is normally closed from late February through early May, to protect the steep trails from erosion in mud season, but it was still open today, with plenty of snow cover. The trails were hard-packed and icy in spots, which I had assumed would be the case, and had left the snowshoes at home. I wore microspikes instead, and it turned out to be a good choice.

I walked all three loops shown on the map at the link above, the most scenic of which meandered along the Lisha Kill itself. There was open water here and there, and it was starting to look like spring.

Near the spot shown above, I saw what I think was a mink running along the ice near shore towards me, but it must have disappeared into a streamside den.

There were several other people out, some walking their dogs, some on snowshoes, others not, all trying to get in a walk before the deluges to come.

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