Saturday, June 6, 2009

Biking - West Glenville Hills

After a pretty easy ride yesterday, and with the weather today in the upper 70s and sunny, I felt like I needed a climb. I dug out my ancient copy of "25 Bike Tours in the Hudson Valley", and decided on a route I had done a couple of times before. But this time, I would go UP the big climb at the beginning, instead of coming down it at the end as I had in the past.

I did this loop clockwise from Schenectady Community College at the bottom of the map, and the big climb is Washout Road, 3 miles and a little over 700 feet. That's only a 5% average grade overall, but there are a few 10-15% pitches thrown in just for fun. Any road that leaves the river perpendicularly will definitely be a climb, and there's no shortage of roads in this area that do exactly that, on both sides of the river.

Once I topped out on Washout, the rest of the ride was mostly a pleasant rolling downhill back to the car on low-traffic country roads.

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