Sunday, June 21, 2009

Biking - Rexford Ramble

Several years ago, the Town of Clifton Park hosted a historical bike tour of the Rexford and Vischer Ferry sections of the town. They called it the Rexford Ramble, and it was about a 14-15 mile ride, with stops at several historical sites or locations. I couldn't go then, for some reason, but I downloaded the route and historical narratives, in case Holly and I ever wanted to do it ourselves. Today was the day, despite the very iffy forecast.

First, we rode along the old Erie Canal towpath, from Vischer Ferry to the Lock 7 hydroelectric project. It was muddy in spots, but not a bad ride. Heading west toward Rexford, we got spritzed briefly, but the ride was mostly dry. Reaching Rexford, we turned around and headed back west, noticing VERY dark clouds to the northeast, and heading our way, albeit from an unusual direction. We reached the cars just as the skies opened up, and for a few minutes, it really poured. By the time I got home again, the sun was out. Very weird day.

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