Thursday, June 11, 2009

Biking - SWC Thursday Night Ride

It's Thursday, and that meant another SWC Thursday night bike ride. The weather was iffy, but the radar looked like we had a couple of dry hours ahead, so we gave it a go. Normally, when we start at Rotterdam Kiwanis Park, the ride involves going up into the hills near Pattersonville and then screaming down NY160 back to the river. Tonight, with the strange weather, a few of us decided to forego the pleasure of all that climbing and stay closer to the river, where more bailout options would be available if the rains came early. It was a good decision, since we had light off-and-on showers throughout the ride, and a steadier rain toward the end. We got in 14+ mostly dry miles and got back well in time for the usual beer and pizza.

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