Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Biking - Longer River Loop

After last night's ride, I was only 28 miles short of 1,000 miles so far for the season, and since today was another rare nice (read: dry) day, I decided to go for it. Starting at Schenectady Community College, I headed west on the Mohawk River Bikeway until I reached NY5S, and then continued west to Amsterdam. Picking up another section of the bike path, I continued to NY30, and crossed the river on the bridge into Amsterdam. From there, it was a straight, and fairly boring, shot back to Schenectady on NY5.

It's warm and humid today, and I wasn't interested in any hills, so this was a perfect ride of 32 miles. It looks like I'm on about the same mileage pace as last year's 2,300+.

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