Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Biking - The Usual River Loop - Backwards

Makes it kinda hard to pedal and see where you're going...

Actually, I just did it in reverse. I couldn't think of a ride I really wanted to do, and the day was getting away from me. So I decided to park at SCCC, pedal west from Scotia, cross the river at Lock 9, and then return via the bike path, avoiding late afternoon traffic and providing a little variety to this much used route.

When I rolled the bike out to the car, I noticed the rear tire was very soft, but not flat. Figuring it was a slow enough leak to allow a couple hours' ride, I reinflated it and was on my way. By the time I reached the bike path after about 15 miles of road riding, it was very soft again. Damn. The tire itself looked perfectly fine - no evidence of any external problem. So I pumped it up part way and continued on gingerly toward the car. I had to stop one more time before I got there, but made it home without incident. It appears to be a somewhat defective tube, now patched and in the bag as a spare until I can pick up a couple of new ones.

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