Tuesday, January 1, 2013

XC Skiing - Featherstonhaugh State Forest

Yesterday, I got out for a couple hours of skiing at nearby Featherstonhaugh State Forest, near Mariaville.

I parked on Hardin Road, and skied up the west side of the figure-8 trail system on that side of the road, then crossed the road and skied the other longer loop CCW.  The figure-8 loops had been broken after the first larger storm, but the newer 6" was pristine until I broke it out.  The crossover from those loops to the main loop had not been skied yet at all, and I was slogging along breaking trail in well over a foot of new snow.

I decided that if the main loop had not been broken, I would turn around and go back the way I'd come, since I was getting tired already.  Fortunately, other skiers had broken out the main loop, and despite numerous wet areas to avoid, I actually did some kicking and gliding here.  Beavers had flooded the trail in a couple of places, so some minor bushwhacking was in order there as well.

On the return across the road, I broke out the east side of the southern figure-8 loop, but climbed back up the ridge on the final loop to enjoy one last downhill before the car in my tracks from earlier.

It was a tiring outing, and I'm taking today off.

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