Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Snowshoeing - Homestead County Forest

Today, I joined a Schenectady ADK trip to Homestead County Forest, in Providence, Saratoga County.  It was going to be a very cold day, and several people had already cancelled because of that.  But 4 of us braved the sunny single-digit temperatures and enjoyed some nice snowy scenes not far from home.  I didn't take any pictures, though I had hoped to, because the camera was in a pocket a couple of layers inside to keep the batteries warm, and my fingers never really warmed up all the way beginning soon after we got started.  It was better to keep moving on a day like this, and that's mostly what we did.  We visited a partially frozen waterfall on Cadman Creek, and not far downstream, the ruins of an old sawmill and dam.  Three of us took shelter in the leader's Bothy Bag for lunch, and it was quite a bit warmer in there, even though we were standing up and not fully covered.  We hadn't wanted to remove and re-don the snowshoes to sit down, so this worked quite well instead.  All told, we were only out for about 3 hours, but it was definitely enough as stronger winds moved in later in the trip.

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