Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More snowshoeing and skiing before January Thaw II

After a very cold week last week, the weekend weather was a little more seasonable.  The local XC skiing was getting pretty sketchy, so Holly and I got out snowshoeing both days instead, first at the Hennig Preserve and then a shorter outing on Sunday at Featherstonhaugh State Forest.  Both places had 6-8" of snow remaining, but it was a little thin in many places for skiing, so snowshoeing was a good alternative.

Yesterday, much of the area got another inch or two of heavy wet snow, topped by some sleet and freezing rain, further limiting local skiing options.  Holly thought that the Wilton Wildlife Preserve and Park trails in Wilton might be skiable today, since they're groomed semi-regularly and might even have some firm base left.  They're also mostly on smooth-surfaced woods roads, so they don't need a lot of cover.  So we decided to give a it a try.

There wasn't a lot of cover in many places, but the skiing in  general was surprisingly good, all things considered.  We did a few miles worth of loops, and headed home just as a light rain began to fall.  The rains and temps in the 50s tomorrow should pretty much finish off our local snow, so we'll be starting over yet again.  Crazy winter...

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