Sunday, January 13, 2013

Biking - Mohawk River Bike Path

Last year, when December rolled around, I discovered that I had biking miles in 2012 in every month except January.  I decided then that 2013 would be different.  With XC skiing rapidly becoming impossible during this January thaw, it seemed like a good day to get that little item checked off.  Last winter, the Mohawk River Bike Path was plowed and snow-free for about a 6-7 mile stretch in Niskayuna and Colonie, allowing an out-and-back 12-14 mile ride.  So, I headed to Lions Park in Niskayuna for a short ride and some January miles.

It turned out to be a shorter ride than planned.  Niskayuna had cleared the path from Lock 7 Road to Lions Park, but hadn't continued to the Colonie Town Line, about a quarter-mile further.

Since I had no idea whether Colonie had cleared any of the path, I headed west to Lock 7 Road and back, and settled for a very short ride of under 4 miles.  I could have gone back and forth a few times to bump up the total, but there were large numbers of walkers also out today on the path, and it just would have been more trouble than it was worth.

I don't know what the rest of the winter (or the year) will bring, but I now at least have January under my belt, and will hope for 11 more months of the same.

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