Sunday, January 13, 2013

Snowshoeing - Thomas Mountain

The Cat and Thomas Mountain Preserve, near Bolton Landing, has been getting a lot of good press over the past couple of years, but we still hadn't had a chance to check it out.  So yesterday, with XC skiing looking more and more marginal as the thaw continues, Holly and I set off for the relatively short hike to Thomas Mountain.  We decided to do this hike as a loop, ascending via the blue-marked Two Brothers Trail, and descending by the old road marked with orange markers.

It was a foggy murky day in the woods, and we didn't know if we'd get any views today or not.

As we reached the side trail to the viewpoint on the blue trail, there were hints of milky blue sky and sun above us, but that viewpoint was still solidly socked in.  So we continued on to the cabin near the summit of Thomas.

There are reportedly very nice views from here, as shown on the Preserve's web page:

but our fog looked more like this:

This was definitely the most civilized summit I have ever hiked to, Whiteface aside.  The cabin was open to hikers, and even had a couple of comfortable chairs facing the large window and today's non-view.  It made a great lunch stop.

The walk back down the road was much faster than the trail we'd taken up, and soon we were back at the car.  This one definitely deserves a return visit on a clearer day, and maybe even a trip down the ridge to Cat Mountain as well.

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