Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Disc golf - Taming Schenectady's Central Park course

With rain overnight, and more forecast for the afternoon, I took advantage of a morning lull to sneak in a couple of rounds of disc golf.  The ground was wet, and so were my shoes before long, but the park wasn't crowded, and I had the course to myself.

Starting out by missing easy birdies on the first two holes, I followed that up a few holes later with a stupid double bogey, so that first nine wasn't very good.  But then I settled down and managed to recover and shoot my average of +6 (63) for that first 18.  The second 18 was MUCH better, as the good shots continued.  I shot my best back nine ever (-1) by a couple of shots, including some unimaginable birdies and pars, and tied my best-ever 18-hole score of +1 (58).  Hard to believe that only a year ago I was happy to shoot low 70s here.

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