Thursday, September 13, 2012

Biking - A relaxed ride and a great lunch

I've become a real fan of lunch rides, so I was pleased today when friend Karen suggested we stop during our ride and grab a bite to eat.  I'd had a choice of 2 rides today with different friends, but I chose the easier shorter one, and now a lunch stop was going to be included.  Great choice!

We met in Glenville and headed north through the outskirts of Charlton toward Galway, but turned east before we got that far.  A favorite destination is a goat farm on Crane Road, where a flock of goats often can be found standing on top of a rock pile next to the road, and making lots of goat noises.  Unfortunately, today they were off in a distant field, so we missed that entertainment.  The next stop was a beaver impoundment that flowed under Paisley Road south of NY67.  We found the water really low here, down to little more than a puddle, with dozens of small turtles swimming about and hoping for more water to increase the size of their home.

Turning back toward Charlton now, we stopped at the Charlton General Store for lunch.  This has long been a favorite destination, with good sandwiches and wraps in a country atmosphere.

All told, we'd covered just shy of 28 miles when we finished, at a relaxed pace on country roads with good conversation.  And there was lunch!  This was biking at its best.

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