Monday, September 10, 2012

Biking - An easy 10 miles to test the knees

After last week's hiking sufferfest in the mountains, my knees have just not been the same.  I had arthroscopic surgery for a torn meniscus on the left knee in 1995 and it's been fine ever since.  The right knee may have a milder untreated version of the same problem, to the extent that it no longer wants me to run regularly.  After returning home this weekend, both knees were twinging occasionally, bringing back unpleasant memories.  Today felt somewhat better, so I decided to get on the bike and see how it went.

I planned to do about a 15-mile ride west from SCCC to Lock 9, and to cross the Mohawk and return via NY-5 on the north side.  Starting out, I had a few minor twinges in both knees, but then things settled down and were going OK.  Unfortunately, the headwind was ridiculous, so I cut the ride short at the Exit 26 bridge and headed back to SCCC for just 10 miles.  At least the knees seemed basically OK, so I should be good for a longer ride tomorrow.

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