Thursday, September 20, 2012

Time for some catching up on this blog

I've been letting this go for the past week, partially because there hasn't been much to write about, and partially out of sheer laziness.  So, time for a few quick notes.

Holly and I were on Cape Cod for the weekend, the occasion being a family gathering on Saturday.  We also drove around a lot to some favorite places, Holly and her mother went to a baby shower, and I walked 4-5 miles on various trails instead.  No pictures, so that's about it on that one.

Yesterday, I got out for a walk on the John Brown Trails in Niskayuna.  I walked the blue trail from Whitmyer Drive to the yellow loop and back again, clearing out lots of Tuesday's smaller storm debris along the way.

And today, I got out for a couple of early rounds of disc golf, a mediocre 67 and 65, somewhat worse than average.  Now it's time to focus on some much needed yard work.

Nothing very exciting, but despite appearances here, I have been getting out at least a little.

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