Monday, June 20, 2011

Disc golf and a whole lot of catch-up yard work

My yard has turned into quite a jungle over the past month, and the grass needed mowing badly after two weeks away. I was up early this morning, but couldn't really get out and mow right away, so went to Central Park to while away an hour or two on a couple rounds of disc golf. My scoring is getting more consistent, and so are the holes that are continuing to give me problems round after round. Whacked a lot of trees today, but came in just above average for both rounds.

Came home and mowed the lawn before lunch, then trimmed several hedges that were out of control, and hadn't been trimmed at all last year either, because of that other trip. One more day of serious shrub trimming, and then I can move on to some outside household repairs that have also been getting deferred. At least the weather is dry and pleasant for a change, and I can get caught up on some of this stuff.

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