Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Biking - First 50-mile day of the season

Today, some friends and I rode the route used by the Mohawk-Hudson Cycling Club for their half-century ride every September. There are also 100, 62, and 25 mile routes that weekend, but for today, we chose the 50. It's a rolling route with many short hills, but no real killers, and lots of places to stop for snacks and rest breaks. I hadn't done a ride like this yet this year, and was a little concerned about my fitness level after the dearth of good riding this spring. But the ride went well, at a comfortable pace, with several stops, including a light lunch at PJ's BBQ south of Saratoga. I'm feeling none the worse for wear, so will start doing more longer rides like this now that I know I'm again up to it.

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