Thursday, June 2, 2011

Disc golf and biking - 30 degrees cooler than yesterday?!?!!?

A cold front went through overnight and got rid of the oppressively warm humid air that's been plaguing us for the past several days. But now, instead of 90s, we struggled today to reach 60! It was nice to air out the house and mow the lawn in relative comfort, but another 10 degrees of heat, and much less wind, would be most welcome!

With winds gusting near 30mph, I decided to give disc golf a try this morning. As can be imagined, wind is quite a complicating factor when trying to throw a Frisbee with any sort of accuracy. Fortunately, many of the holes in Schenectady's Central Park are wooded and sheltered somewhat from the wind. I played two relatively average rounds, with the usual holes messing up any possibility of better scores. I really can't blame the wind.

Tonight was our weekly SWC Thursday evening bike ride. It followed a mostly east-west oriented loop, and the wind was again a big factor. Several of us cut it short and headed back to the host's house to get an early start on the beer and snacks before the pizza arrived. I was lucky tonight to snag a new (old) bike! Our host was about to put it out for the trash, and I decided to give it a new home, either mine or to Albany Bike Rescue. I hate to see a good bike thrown out! It's a '70s or '80s vintage Lotus Excelle, 14 speeds, my size, and lighter than either of my other two active bikes. I'm willing to put a few bucks into it and take it out for a spin before deciding to keep it or donate it. It's impossible to have too many bikes!

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