Saturday, January 29, 2011

XC Skiing - Rockwood State Forest

This afternoon, we headed off to Rockwood State Forest, a few miles west of Johnstown on NY29, and about an hour from home. There are miles of ski trails there, and the snow is usually pretty good as a result of being on the edge of a lot of lake-effect activity. The conditions today could not have been better, with lots of soft powder and broken trails. Sometimes, they "groom" some trails here, but honestly, it's better when they just leave it alone. The trees were covered with snow, and the skiing was fabulous.

Holly did a shorter less hilly loop, still babying her injured knee somewhat, and I went off and did a longer more hilly loop. We'd be coming back on the same trail, and arranged a meeting place to get back together. But I caught her from behind before we got there.

This was really nice kick/glide skiing in previously broken tracks, and I'd been moving along at a pretty good clip, not to mention a couple of speedy downhills.

We continued on together to the top of another hill, a fairly gentle one, and prepared to head back down it and back to the car.

This place rarely disappoints, and today was no exception. There's something for everybody here, and the skiing today was as good as it gets.

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