Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowshoeing - Christman Sanctuary

Today, I didn't feel like skiing for some reason. I reasoned that with no snow for almost a week, all of the nearby places would now be walked to death. So I grabbed the snowshoes, and headed to the Christman Sanctuary in nearby Duanesburg, another place I tend to visit a lot. There are trails on both sides of the stream and gorge, and today I walked them all.

The cascades in the stream were all frozen and snow-covered, though water was clearly gurgling underneath.

As I approached the main 30-foot falls, there was some nice bluish ice hanging from the wall of the gorge.

Then came the main attraction.

Large chunks of ice had fallen from the left-hand waterfall, and water could be seen gurgling underneath and forming new ice. The right-hand waterfall was solid and silent.

Under some conditions, I might have gone behind the ice, and have done that before. But with water running, and fallen ice all around me, I decided not to tempt fate.

The walk out was uneventful, up through the jagged rocks with cables added for security.

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