Wednesday, January 12, 2011

XC Skiing - Mohawk River State Park

(formerly and familiarly known as the Schenectady Museum Preserve)

Well, we didn't get the 25-30" of snow that some areas south and east got from this nor'easter, but we did get a very nice 8-10" on top of the 4-6" that was already on the ground. So, this afternoon, while the snow was still falling, Holly and I got out and skied some of our favorite hills in this Park/Preserve. The snowshoers and dog walkers had already been out, but we caught it before any serious damage was done. This place gets to be not so good for skiing after a few days of that other traffic.

Mostly, we were skiing in a snowshoe trench, but that's not the worst that could happen, since the trail was broken and the snow was still very soft and nice. There were a couple of places where I wound up breaking trail myself in all that new powder, but even that wasn't bad. And I got first tracks down the big hill on the power lines, which was a sheer delight. The narrow twisting hills in the woods were very forgiving in the deep snow, and it was a very nice outing, the best we've had in this preserve in quite some time.

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