Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Disc Golf - Schenectady Central Park

This past summer, a new disc (Frisbee) golf course was installed in Schenectady's Central Park. Being a sometimes golfer in the warmer seasons, and having once (long ago) created a 9-hole Frisbee golf course of my own in my parents' large rolling backyard, sans fancy baskets, I was looking forward to giving this a try. I didn't own a proper disc, so asked for, and got, not one but two for Christmas. Both are actual "Frisbees®, so from here on, that's the word I'll use. One is a standard size Frisbee, the sort that we're all familiar with. The other is a special "mid-range" golf Frisbee, that came with a book about disc golf, and a DVD showing throwing techniques. It's smaller, and heavy for its size, so that's the one I used today. More serious "golfers" carry a bag of different sized specialized discs as golfers do, including a "driver" and a "putter", but that truly seems like overkill for me.

I immediately discovered that I have only one type of throw, and it always goes from right to left. Always. Sometimes that's good, and sometimes it isn't, depending on the direction it actually needs to go. It was also a little breezy today, which didn't help any. I was only planning to try a few holes, but it moved along so fast that I played the entire 18 holes in a little over an hour. Nobody else was on the course, aside from a few pedestrians and dog walkers. If I'd played more slowly, I might have done better than the 81 I recorded, par being only 57, but I highly doubt it. It was a fun way to spend an hour, and I'll be doing more of this as long as there's no snow for real winter fun.

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