Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Biking - Easy Flat Lunch Ride

After Sunday's 100km, and then waking up yesterday with a cold and feeling very fatigued, I couldn't stand the thought of spending yet another fine late summer day hanging around the house. So I laid out an easy 32-mile route that included lunch at Indian Ladder Farms, packed some tissues, and hit the road. It was already near 70 and sunny by late morning, and just a gorgeous day to be out. My legs had mostly recovered, and the minor rollers on this ride were easily conquered. After Sunday's hill-fest, it felt good to just get out and cruise. Indian Ladder's cafe had a problem today with extremely slow service, so I bailed out and headed to Altamont, where I had a sandwich at Subway before continuing home.

Around the corner from my house, on NY146 (NYS Bike Route 5), I noticed a bike tourist checking his maps on the side of the road, so I pulled over to talk. He's biking from Portland to New York City, and has been on the road only 6 weeks! From there, he's joining the Climate Ride to Washington at the end of September. We had an interesting conversation about things touring and TransAm and continued on our separate ways.

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